How to Go to Batanes


The challenge that many people face first and foremost is how to get to Batanes.

As of May 2013, there are two major airlines that has regular trips to Basco, Batanes from Manila . PAL Express flies M-W-F and Sky Jet flies M and F. The challenge though is getting a good deal with your airline ticket as there are rare seat sales available. So, be prepared to have a budget of about Php10,000 atleast ( in median) for your RT airfare. If you a bit persevere and patient you can monitor regularly for seat sale offerings.

Another option for you if to take a flight from Tuguegarao. Sky Pasada offers flights from Wednesdays to Saturdays at Php4000 fixed rate (subject to minimal changes as advised by the agent I spoke with over the phone).

arriving at Basco Airport

arrival at Basco Airport


Now that the flight concerns are settled, the next stop would be the Itinerary. Our sampled Itinerary (5d/4n) are as follows:

Day 1: North Batan Tour

Day 2: Sabtang Tour

Day 3: South Batan Tour (except for Diura Fishing Village and Fountain of Youth)

Day 4: Horseback Riding and Diura Fishing Village and Fountain of Youth

For our detailed itinerary please check : Itinerary Batanes

It was  a wonderful itinerary  as every day was packed with amazing sites and activities. If I could suggest though, get a flight from Weds-Mon (6d/5n) so that you could also experience going to Itbayat. That is something that I regret not doing.

in front of the Capitol

in front of the Capitol Building


It is a fulfilling experience if you do your own itinerary. However, since Batanes was a big deal for us,  we decided to make the most of our stay and won’t miss anything; hence, our decision was to get a guide. I still researched for the must-visit places  (the best way is to read blogs!) so that i would know what to expect. I also looked for some travel agencies online and contacted several people and I was fortunate to have known Kuya Jhun (through a former boss). He was the one who gave me the best rate and he was a magnificent tour guide. Please check my article about Kuya Jhun here

However, if you would wish to have a DIY, here are some of the rates that you can consider:

Tricycle rental for North and South Batan Tour: Php150-200 per hour

Falowa ride: Php75

Environmental Fee in Sabtang: Php200

Tricycle rental for Sabtang Tour: Php200 per hour


Jumpshot in Vayang Rolling Hills

Jumpshot in Vayang Rolling Hills

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